About Me

I'm a 19-year-old college student at Duke. I grew up in Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore before moving to Durham to attend Duke. I'm Hindu and Buddhist, and generally enjoy Computer Science and Econ. I've always been fascinated with Science and Maths, be it through topping my class in elementary school or qualifying for the top 25 in Olympiads. With that interest in STEM, my dad encouraged me to start coding early, and I considered it a fun activity. My journey pivoted in the 8th Grade when I left my unconventional Experiential learning school in Gurgaon to join NAFL in Bangalore. The stem culture here was awesome, and I developed a great appreciation for Electronics and Programming. I spent a ton of time tinkering with electronics, working with microprocessors and circuits to make fun projects. As an IGCSE student I explored interesting CS theory like Logic gates and Image Optimization Algorithms. With my growing knowledge of python, making projects was fun.

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2020 threw a curveball. I watched summer plans dissapear as I looked for hobbies to fill time. A Reddit community talked about discord bot development, and intrigued, I dove in. I instantly fell in love and slowly drove head first into the programming rabbit hole. Soon I spent all my free time making websites, bots, and more. I started a startup, volunteered for NGO's and even did a few internships and freelance work. I was blown away by what I could make with code. Old interests like Pokémon, crypto and f1 fell into my programming projects. I knew I had found what I was passionate about, and I ran with that! The Open-source community was so powerful, and all the amazing people I've met on GitHub have inspired me to do more.

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Apart from programming, I'm a passionate environmentalist. I've collected over 120kgs+ of e-waste for recycling and developed a software solution to help people find e-waste centres. I'm into MUN, having founded NAFL's MUN club and winning the Oxford MUN Singapore. As a self-proclaimed YA novel aficionado, I can tear through a teen novel no matter how 'cringe' and still love it! I was a passionate member of my school book club, where I love the discussions we have on literature, philosophy, society, and feminism. On the left is my favourite book: Paper Towns by John Green, it's a novel that I can always read when I'm in a bad mood..

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For unwinding, I love making memes to spread laughter but also start discussions on issues. Currently have over 80000 Reddit Karma. I also run a fountain pen YouTube Channel, and Instagram page where I share photos and guides on pen maintenance! Fountain Pens are a huge passion of mine, and as a member of the Indian Fountain Pen Association, I'm happy to promote the hobby. As a huge f1 fan, I watch every race, no matter the time or date. As part of my f1 love, I also work as a freelancer for Sportskeeda, writing f1 articles.

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At Duke, I'm part of quite a few clubs and extracurricular activities. I've been on my Dorms student rep council for 2 years now. I'm also a senator of the Duke Student Government. As an editor for the Duke Chronicle, I explore writting as a creative outlet. As a member of Hack Duke's tech team I help host one of the largest collegiate code-for good hackathons. I'm also passionate about Formula 1 and run a small Duke F1 fan club.

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My CS Journey

The journey continues...